40% – 60% off manufacturer retail price
As low as $695
Complete easypocket (remote) or echarger

Our mission is to fit you with the best possible hearing aids while accommodating your budget, your lifestyle, and your unique needs.

The place for hearing aids in Montana. “Latest technology – Old fashioned care”

We are located in Great Falls, Montana and carry the brands from the major manufacturers of hearing aids including Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, Siemens and ReSound. Many people don’t know this, but those major manufacturers produce many brands. Brand names are for marketing. For instance, Starkey makes hearing aids under the Starkey label but also the NuEar, Audibel and MicroTek labels. Phonak chips are in both Phonak and Unitron hearing aids. Siemens makes hearing aids under the Siemens brand but also Rexton and Electone. Miracle Ear uses Siemens chips in their hearing aids. Beltone uses the ReSound chip in their hearing aids. All these hearing aids from the same manufacturer are very similar no matter what brand they are!

These days all brands of quality hearing aids are far better than hearing aids of just a few years ago. Each brand has their relative strengths. We carry Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Starkey, Rexton, GN Resound and Unitron hearing aid brands because we want to offer you the best technology while beating the high cost of franchise pricing! We can even do some repairs on brands we don’t carry with voiding any warranties.

But the real difference between us and our competition is our competent and quality service. We mean it when we say old fashioned care. Our office location is in the Evergreen Square in Great Falls, Montana. Most of our hearing aid work is done in our Great Falls office, but about 40% of the work we do here in Montana is out in the rural areas. We do house calls. We carry our audiological equipment with us so we can do the whole job for you in your home or at one of our service centers or service centers. Call us at our Great Falls number 406-452-2437 or at our toll free number 877-272-9402 for consultation. Or visit us at one of our convenient service center locations

October 2014 out of Great Falls hearing aid service center schedule:

Havre Northern MT Hospital – Hearing aid clinic……………10am-12noon Tues 10/7
Cut Bank Hospital – Hearing aid service ………………….10am-12noon Thurs 10/9
Lewistown – COA- Hearing aids service……………………….10am-12noon Tue 10/14
Choteau Senior Center – Hearing aid clinic………………….10am-12noon Wed 10/15
Chester – Sweet Grass Lodge-Hearing aids service……………10am-12noon Thurs 10/16
Chinook – Montana Senior Ctr-Hearing aids service…………10am-12noon Tues 10/21
Havre – Northern MT Hospital – Hearing aid clinic………….10am-12noon Wed 10/22
Conrad – Pondera Medical Center – Hearing aid clinic……….10am-12noon Thurs 10/23
Hearing aid sales and fitting are done by appointment.